Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A historic presidency

Much has been made about the historic nature of Barack Obama's presidential campaign. If elected, Obama would become the first bi-racial president in our country's history. This is seen by many as a symbol of how the racial attitudes our country have evolved over the past 400 years.

While Obama's race undoubtedly makes his presidential bid historic, an even more important aspect of Obama has been largely overlooked by the press and public as a whole. If elected, Barack Obama would become the first White Sox fan president in history.

Needless to say, I'm voting for him. Hell, I'd vote for Dan Pasqua if he ran for president. But, the thing I like the most about Obama is that he's not a fair weather fan. Yeah, I know he's not a south sider...I think he's from Kansas, or Hawaii, or Indonesia, or Afghanistan, hell who can keep track anymore. However, Obama has always declared himself to be a White Sox fan, and refused to pander or flip flop in a lame attempt to get votes.

This New York Times article details how Obama openly introduced himself as a White Sox fan to a room of Red Sox fans in Boston. Keep in mind, this was before Game 1 of the World Series in 2007. New Hampshire, site of the first presidential primary, is also a hotbed of Red Sox fans. Obama could have easily said "I love the Red Sox! Dwight Evans is my top V.P. pick! Jim Rice should be in the Hall of Fame and have a solid gold cathedral built in honor of his might and glory!" But, Obama refused, saying plainly, "I am a White Sox fan." My NIGGA...oh shit, I can't say that. Wait, can I? Hell, who can keep track anymore.

Compare this with Obama's democratic rival, Hillary Clinton. She grew up in Park Ridge, so she claims to be a Cubs fan. However, she's also been seen at Yankee games in a lame attempt to carpetbag the dumbasses in the Bronx. If Hillary said "I'm a Cubs fan," I'd respect her a lot more. I'd still stab the bitch, but respectfully. Instead, Hillary tried to play both sides, claiming to be a fan of the two most popular teams in baseball. And she lost. Coincidence? No, divine intervention.

Of course, our Mayor's also a Sox fan. As oppossed to Blago, who's a Cubs fan. They're both horribly corrupt, but Da Mere is just a lot better at hiding it. By the way, what's with the floppy hat look? Both Obama and Daley look like they got those hats for free on kid's night. I think if you're a bigwig politician, you need to spring for something a little more classy. Personally, I think Obama would look great in this one:

Throw on some Ice Cream sneaks, and he's set....although, that may be a little too "urban" for him. Which means black. He'd look like a black guy. Can I say that?

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